Folade Mutota – Caribbean Catalysts for Change

Who is she?

Trinidadian activist, with an interest in raising the social consciousness of women and girls, as well as bringing attention to the issue of small arms control in the twin-island Republic.

Best known as

The executive director of the Women’s Institute for Alternative Development. This organisation also serves as the secretariat for the Caribbean Coalition for Development and Reduction of Armed Violence (CDRAV).

Why she is a Caribbean Catalyst for Change:

She instituted an inter-generational women’s leadership program in Trinidad and Tobago, creating ways for girls and women to draw on collective experiences to empower all.

In addition, the CDRAV brought a gendered lens to investigating the issue of small arms control in the Caribbean, which eventually led to the Caribbean Coalition of Civil Society Organisations. This body effectively lobbied CARICOM governments to support the Resolution on the Arms Trade Treaty in 2006.


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