harrrasment on the job

I work with mostly men and although I am a married woman, this fact does not seem to bother any of them.

Juniors like myself started by making rude comments about my butt. Once, after a work lime, I was getting a ride home from my senoir and his wife and another worker was also getting a lift.¬†Half-way into the drive he squeezed my breast. I was in total shock. He said he was drunk and apologized that day but when next I saw him he said it feel nice and smiled. There was even a time my senior touched me on my neck. I spoke to him instantly an told him don’t let it happen again.

What gives men the right to treat us this way? I never give the impression that I’m interested, so why does it start? All of them are this way. I even tried confiding to another co-worker about it and he said – that is what I like.¬†

Men need training to respect women. Why must I use obscene language for my voice to be heard? It should be understood.


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