It isn’t so innocent anymore

I would be lying if I didnt say I haven’t been a victim of discrimination against women. This has happened to me quite a bit to me over the years but recently it has evolved a bit more than just a playful request.

Frequently at school, the same set of guys, who are in fact, ‘my friends’, keep asking me for a threesome and they are more than serious!

I’m not the type of girl to just give myself up so easily to anyone, at anytime. I feel completely pressured. I know that my answer is ‘NO’ and I have no intention of giving in but you know guys, they don’t give up that easily. They are very persistent individuals.

It confuses me to know that all these guys seem to want from me is sex, nothing more. They treat it as if it has no consequence at all, or they don’t even consider me or my feelings at all. I feel like sometimes i’m sometimes only good for one thing ONLY. I can only feel that way because of the way guys treat me. The first impression of them is always sweet and like they care about me, but i’ve realized in the end of it all they have an agenda.

What this does to me sadly, is it eliminates the trust I have for any guy and for that I think that all guys are the same. However all guys are not the same, so I keep giving another guy a chance, but then it happens all over again. How can I ever be able to have faith in another guy? How can I build up enough strength and self esteem? How will I ever be able to change my mind about all guys being ‘dogs’? Is it so simple as to change the type of guys I like?


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