NO, you cannot have this Dance

This was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in my few years of life. 

I had been attending the birthday party of a classmate and was enjoying myself. When a friend approached me and asked me if i would dance with him, given that I knew him quite well I obliged him in a dance. He was well mannered while we were dancing and as the next song began I felt a tug at my waist. This strange man was tugging at me with so much aggression that I decided it was time to take my leave.

On my way out the same man grabbed me by the waist where he had a firm grip and proceeded to bend me over. In frustration and fear I kicked him and headed for the door . 

For days I wondered if this was how most men thought they could operate with a woman. Since this incident I am careful with the places I go because i would never like to experience such harassment again. 

Highly Embarrased


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