Vernice Philip (Trinidad and Tobago) tells why she is excited about The WomenSpeak Project

“Writing is at the same time the most selfish and the most generous thing you can do”

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Bocas Lit Fest 2011

Acclaimed Caribbean Women Writers at the Bocas Lit Fest 2011 in Trinidad and Tobago talk about writing as a tool for personal growth and processing difficult experiences and for creating social change. More in depth comments from these writers to come in future videos.

Learn more about How/Why to Tell Your Story

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Where Is Your Line? is a campaign by The Line (based in the USA); a movement urging young people everywhere to become more comfortable setting sexual boundaries, encourage verbal consent in sexual situations, and spread the word- that consensual sex is hot sex!

WomenSpeak is all for women speaking up and standing up for themselves in their intimate and romantic relationships. Where is your line? 

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