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Why Tell Your Story?

  1. Just because you dont speak about it, doesn’t mean that it can’t hurt you.

Writing can help you organise your thoughts and help you make critical connections about how past events may be influencing your present day life. Writing your story can be a first step to helping you uncover your true feelings, and help motivate you to make big and small changes that can dramatically improve your life and wellbeing.

2. You’re not the only one.

Sometimes we feel that the we are the only one who has ever experienced a particular violation. We sometimes think that it is our fault, or that something is wrong with us. Reading the stories of other women who have had similar experiences helps us feel less alone and gives us more confidence to speak out and speak up for ourselves.

Not Sure what to say? Here are some guidelines

1. Tell us about the incident – where it occurred, when, who was involved (do NOT use surnames or company names)

2. Tell us how the incident made you feel

3. Explain how this incident has affected you? Has it changed the way you behave in certain situations, the choices you make in your daily life, or your emotional, mental or physical well being?

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