The rise of social media has created increased opportunities for anyone to become involved in activism. For women who have suffered abuse in silence for fear of ridicule and threat to their safety, the internet is a place where they can tell their stories anonymously and help others understand what they are going through. 

Social media also allows diverse opinions to come to the fore and gives people the chance to interact and discuss issues in a way they may not otherwise be willing to engage. For anyone wanting to share their thoughts and find like-minded individuals with whom they can collaborate to create change, the internet, and social media in particular, has become a space for us to take our first steps at activism. For those who’ve been in the trenches for years working to raise awareness about violence against women, it helps us reach a newer, more diverse audience and allows our words to be shared many times over, all over the world. 

Here are two such Caribbean Activists who are taking advantage of the internet to try to create change and end violence against women.

Nailah John, a Canadian/ Vincentian has created the Stop the Violence in St. Vincent And the Grenadines Movement! as a result of the recent reports of increasing violence against women in the islands. She also started the Facebook Group Time to stand together against violence and crime in S.V.G to help organise action on the ground.

Stella Ramsaroop is a columnist with Stabroek News and long time advocate for women’s rights in Guyana. Her online ventures include S4 Foundation and GuyanaGroove as well as her facebook page Stellasays.

Special thanks to Samantha Campbell for nominating and interviewing Nailah John