I like some rough and tumble…

I’m not going to lie… or hide the fact. I’m a big girl… a woman that knows her own mind and definitely knows her own wants.

I like some slap and tickle.

I like being tied up. I like tying people up as well.

I am willing to try anything once… if I like it then I’ll try it again.

Remember how I said that I’m a big girl? That’s in age and understanding only… physically, I’m petite… smaller than the average. I am concerned for my safety… 

You must ask if I am willing. I must give my consent

I must be able to say clearly, out loud, “I want this”… or simply “Yes”.

It’s my body to do with as I will. My body, my rules.

If I am afraid… that is not “Yes”,

If I am unable to decide… that is not “Yes”,

If I am silent… that is not “Yes”.

Ask the question. Give me that respect.

Earn my respect.

I am willing to say “Yes”. Give me the chance to do so.

Ren R

 As we come to the end of this series, how about we lay down some rules. How can women ensure their safety during “sex play”? What are some of the things that men and women can do before and during sex to ensure that boundaries are respected?