I’m submissive and I love it.

Hi Simone,

You know, I really didn’t think about it prior to your request but now I see how I am so opposite to your topic. As a woman in the construction industry I spent many many years aggressively showing / proving my worth. I think that also manifested itself in the bedroom with me acting very dominant. Over those years I struggled to foster a happy relationship as they were all power struggles. As I have aged, mellowed and become much more comfortable with myself and my femininity I have found that I am most content playing the ‘traditional’ role of the woman in a relationship. I’m submissive and he takes control of most if not everything. And I love it. My partner has known me all of my adult life and says he sees a marked change in me. I think one of the reasons our relationship thrives is he knew me back then, respects where I have come from, recognises my strength and still sees me as his ‘little princess’ in need of protection and gentle care. 🙂 My desire and ability to submit to him is based on a foundation of mutual respect. 


 So weigh in on this. Are male/female relationships happier when parties practice “traditional” masculine and feminine roles? Is T.K giving up her right to consent? Can one be submissive and still give consent? Do expectations about the roles of men and women make it difficult for women who are more assertive to have happy relationships?

 Graphic by Lynette Leid