Sex and Consent Series

What is consent? Does silence equal consent? If you didn’t fight, is it consent? Does submissive indicate lack of consent? How is sex different when you are in control of what is happening? When you are clear about what you want and don’t want? How can women become more assertive about consent? How do you have the awkward talk about condoms, stds, anal sex? What are some of the social and cultural barriers that make it difficult for women to give effective consent?

In our week-long series on Sex and Consent, various contributors will give their take on the topic and help shed greater light on some of the issues that make Sex and Consent so problematic for women.

We want YOU to participate. We will be asking questions at the end of our posts and will also be having intermittent discussion on facebook and twitter about #sexandconsent so please keep a look out and join in discussions. 

Our main goal at WomenSpeak is to help raise consciousness about the various ways in which discrimination against women happens in our everyday lives and to provide a forum for Caribbean women to tell their personal stories. We hope that many of you will Share Your Story to help create a better understanding of the challenges women face in navigating the murky issue of Sex and Consent. 

All our posts on the topic will be tagged #consent, so have a read through of past posts on the topic as well. And most importantly Share Share Share this info – Reblog, Repost, Retweet. 

 Graphic designed by Lynette Leid