Strategies used by Caribbean CSOs to Engage with their Online Constituencies

Between April and June 2016, The WomenSpeak Project conducted an online survey with 26 civil society organisations in the Caribbean region that are using the virtual space to engage with constituents. The following is a summary of the engagement strategies they identified.

Push strategies (Strategies aimed at promoting the organisation, building the community and encouraging constituents to become more active in the organisation and its projects.

84% use the virtual space to invite constituents to in-person meetings or socials
76% for sharing information about the organisation and its plans
69% use community building activities such as sharing stories and creative work of constituents
55% use the online space to recruit volunteers.
50% for mobilization (petitions, protests, letters)

Pull strategies (Strategies aimed at creating deeper dialogue about key issues, allowing constituents to participate in sharing their ideas and concerns so that the organisation’s strategies are, in some part, informed by its constituents.

57% interact with constituents via Facebook chats
27% for online surveys
30% twitter chats
15% virtual events such as webinars and Google hangouts

What do you think this says about the ways in which CSOs are engaging with their constituents?