Are You An Advocate? Yes, You Are!

Anyone can be an advocate. Being an advocate means

1. You feel strongly about an issue

2. You are taking positive actions to help influence change

There are many simple and creative things each of us can do to help make the world more equitable and just.

Here are some everyday things that you can do to become an advocate in your own life and for others.

1. Learn more about whatever issue you feel strongly about. Read books, blogs, newspaper articles, attend conferences and public consultations.

2. Tell your story. Let others know about your experiences; this helps raise awareness and helps others relate better.

3. Share links to articles, causes and events

4. Start conversations among your family and friends, learn other viewpoints.

5. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper and share your point of view on a current issue.

6. Write a letter to the Management of your company if you think you and others are being treated unfairly.

7. Ensure your actions, speech and behaviour reflect your principles and beliefs.

8. Speak up when you hear friends and co-workers make offensive or derogatory comments about a group or cause that you believe in.

9. Volunteer with an organisation that supports your areas of interest

10. Encourage your Company to support an NGO, sponsor an event or special interest group

11. Believe in yourself! Your thoughts and opinions have value.

There are many other simple and creative ways we can all work towards making a more equitable and just world.

What are some of the ways you advocate?

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